(SPJ Systems Make)




  • Runs on Windows95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
  • Includes Integrated Development Environment – Program Editor with Syntax Highlighting
  • Includes C Complier, Assembler and Linker for 8031/51.
  • Supports multiple C and / or ASM files in one project.
  • Complier supports nearly all 8051 derivatives (which are machine code compatible with original 8051) of several manufactures : Atmel, Philips, Infineon, Dallas, AD and more.
  • Supported data types : bit, char, unsigned char, int, unsigned int, long int, unsigned long int, float, arrays (up to 2 dimensional), pointer (up to 1 level)
  • Includes library containing lot of useful functions.
  • Includes Source / Binary Level Debugger (Simulator), with simulation of on-chip peripherals like serial port and off-chip peripherals like LCD.
  • Includes Visual Code Generator to visually generate code to initialize on-chip peripherals (for example, Timer initialization values calculation for baud rate generation).
  • Includes ISP programming and Terminal Emulation utility to download HEX file to target hardware or evaluation board.


SCARM ’C’ compiler for ARM family of micro-controllers


  • Includes Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - Program editor with syntax highlighter
  • Includes Compiler, Assembler and Linker for ARM microcontrollers.
  • Run on Windows 2K/XP
  • Supports multiple C and/or ASM files in one project.
  • Visual Code Generator (VCG) for easy programming of on chip peripherals like I/O, PLL, etc.
  • Includes SDB Debugger (JTAG Cable and Target Hardware required). Supports breakpoints, single stepping etc.
  • Supports data types like char, unsigned chart, int, unsigned chart, int, unsigned int, long int, float, arrays, pointers, etc.
  • Includes library of various functions
  • RTOS based example included
  • Technical Support available
  • Free Upgrades for unlimited period